Jerry Mirskin


Bio & Publications

Jerry Mirskin was born in the Bronx, NY, and has lived in California, Wisconsin and Maine. He has worked as a herdsman on a dairy farm, as a carpenter, and as a New York State Poet-in-the-Schools. His poetry has appeared in numerous literary journals and anthologies (see below), and he has presented his work, and given workshops, at universities, colleges, public libraries, art centers, and on television. He is currently an Associate Professor at Ithaca College and regularly teaches select courses at Cornell University. His first collection, Picture a Gate Hanging Open and Let that Gate be the Sun, was published in 2002, by Mammoth Books after being chosen for first prize in the Mammoth Books Prize for Poetry. A new collection, entitled In Flagrante Delicto, was released in October 2008.   Jerry was the winner of Arts & Letters Prime Poetry Prize 2012.

Publications in the following literary journals and anthologies: Arts & LettersAscent, Bloombury Review, 5x5, Greenfield Review, Madison Review, Main Street, Mid-west Quarterly, MSS., New Myths Mss., Oklahoma Review,, Prairie Schooner, Roots & Flowers:poets and poems on family (anthology) Contemporary Jewish American Writers (anthology), Seneca Review, SRR, and Sou'wester.

Copies of both Picture a Gate Hanging Open and Let that Gate be the Sun and In Flagrante Delicto are available from the publisher, email

*A chapbook, bearing the same name was published by
Camellia Press, NY (chapbook)

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